Five industries getting the most ROI from digital marketing

23 May

What makes a company do a business?

Profit….. Constant Revenue Generation…. Or a Long term loyalty from the customers or clients…

When we blend these three facets together, we come to coin them collectively as ROI. Yet the question remains with every business entity “How my business would earn me better ROI?”

If we think from the point of view of the fastest growing share of digital marketing and unstoppable online shopping habits of people, it leads us to ponder deeply on what business areas are sure to roll on with this trend. Here are some insights considering the current waves found in different industry verticals and digital marketing campaigns being followed by the big names in the industry. What makes them endure longer in the market is a very simple thought that it is not important that there is a demand for your product or service but it is the repeated demand in the market that lets you sustain longer with better ROI.

Peeping through the window of the industry at large, the following areas occupy a unique market stand in terms of Return on Investments made by a company with the help of their digital marketing strategy.

  1. – Entertainment
  2. – Automobile
  3. – Health
  4. – Law
  5. – Food



The world of invention and innovation has the fathomless capacity to expand and the outcomes we started realising after Steve Jobs made Apple iPhone in the hands of the end-users opening up the widest horizons of new businesses. The limitless entertainment industry emerged with a completely new form and features and today we have web-series and movies, talk-shows and webinars, news & music uninterruptedly. HD quality of graphics and videos has changed the definition and scope businesses. This is only the reason why it has become imperative for every business to connect virtually one or another way with different media platforms.


The total annual expenditure budget on the digital marketing by the automobile industry leaders indicates the place of the digital marketing in this industry. There are companies having the help of VR application to give a live experience of newly launched cars to promote their brands. It is no more a surprise that every company is now equipped with smart techies to penetrate the market with their virtual presence in the form of their digital marketing consultants.


It was a time in many countries of the world that a diseased had no other option than to die just because of the lack of the availability of the information relating to specific doctors or medicines. Today the scenario has changed totally. According to a survey, the health industry is expected to achieve the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 16.5 % by the end of 2020.


It might not surprise you as this is the area which one is attracting the attention of the learned attorneys spread their expertise knowledge through various digital marketing platforms. There seems to be a very wider scope for the digital marketing professionals to render their services to promote the services of the law firms. You will find question banks, articles, forums, counselling online by the leading law experts on various platforms. This leads them to address a larger group of people and get the clients from different areas of life.


Best dish at the tip of your finger at highly competitive prices and best in industry services are some glimpses that led big food chains to go live. Direct customer engagement, appealing campaigns on social media sites and varieties of cuisines to offer and that too just by clicking on a button- all this has made the digital marketing campaign effectively. The customers too can benefit with the said promotional tactics as they will have wider choices and detailed description about the bites they want to consume.

Well, today’s market spreads like a galaxy expanding in all the directions limitlessly. It is up to the company to decide what areas they need to explore. Geographical barriers are no more in existence as the digital marketing has that capacity to outreach every corner and customer no matter what a company wants to sell and whom they want to sell for!

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