The Complete Guide to Conducting Digital Marketing Audits

06 May

There are two types of business owners. The first category is that who has pursued digital marketing techniques merely for the sake of it and/or because others are using it. In the real sense they have no clue regarding the why’s, how’s and what functions with their online marketing efforts. In the current highly dynamic and fast digital marketing world such erroneous notions may prove disastrous with a business owner having to pay for ample marketing investments devoid of anything to demonstrate for it. The second category is those who have not tried their hands in digital marketing at all. Indulging in digital marketing tactics and conducting a regular audit is the need of the hour which every business owner should pay attention to.

Why digital marketing audits are important?

A digital marketing audit is akin to a self-check routine which will help a business owner to gain the needed knowledge and understanding regarding how their programs perform and the ways in which they can speed up things for their ROI. These audits can be described as a systematic and comprehensive process to examine the techniques, processes and activities used and also the performance of one’s digital marketing campaign overall on a daily basis. In fact the information and data that people will gain from such audit will aid a business owner in determining the procedural or system inadequacies, weak points and other issues that they can address right away for continuous improvement.

Digital marketing audits always should be conducted via experienced professionals having fresh eyes for looking into a business owner’s digital marketing strategy in its entirety from a new and fresh perspective. The best part is the information gathered from such audit will inform a business owner regarding which areas they require to improve on, crucial improvement areas which demand more focus from them or their marketing team or budget re-allocations which require being performed.

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Digital marketing audits and its three different levels

Digital marketing audits basically are divided into 3 levels. These are as follows,

    • Capability – This is to assess the qualification and capability of one’s digital marketing staff or team for identifying training needs to increase competencies and knowledge to help them in planning and creating a campaign for digital marketing that will offer desirable results.


    • Gap analysis – An in-depth analysis of one’s present digital marketing channel and structure for gaining a better and deeper understanding of gaps amid what is present and what they aim for is important. Through gap analysis people can identify which particular channel must be prioritized, optimized as well as which will offer them the highest cost savings.


  • Health Check – It is a simple and prompt review as well as audit of the status and performance of one’s digital marketing campaign to gauge engagement levels with prospective customers, the effectiveness of their conversion channels and the impact of their campaigns in its entirety on their bottom line


The basics of digital marketing audit

    • Audit one’s reach – To rank high in the SERP is what the maximum digital marketers and online businesses heavily focus on using both PPC advertising and SEO techniques and strategies for gaining dominance of their selected keyword phrases. Many unfortunately fail to avail satisfactory results due to lack of right diagnosis and audits. For effective digital marketing audit there are some steps that a business owner needs to use. These include using Rank Checker, Google AdWords Review, effective email marketing programs, top social networking channels, PPC campaigns amid others.


    • Audit one’s architecture – the importance of the right architecture and good website design in a digital marketing campaign cannot be overlooked. Thus it is essential for a business owner to audit and assess the structure, design, functionality and features of their website. The key components to take into consideration while auditing a website architecture include checking the usability of the website, checking how optimized the graphical components are in the web pages, checking the integrity of the navigation system and link and checking how well the social media platforms are integrated with the main website.


    • Audit one’s content – For any form of digital marketing campaign it is the content which acts as its key ingredient. To audit the content of a site both quantitatively and qualitatively is crucial. While auditing content there are certain things that need to be considered such as choose quality content which target audiences will consume wholeheartedly, establish a proper content strategy, keep a monitoring system and create strong content formats that comprises of video, text, photos, applications and audio.


    • Audit one’s interaction – One’s digital marketing strategy must comprise of auditing how they or their website managers interact as well as engage with their target audiences.


  • Audit one’s conversion – The main goal of digital marketing is in converting site traffic into paying customers or business leads. A conversion audit indeed is a must to ensure how well one’s main web pages or landing pages convert traffic numbers into sales or leads.


To conduct performance audits for one’s digital marketing campaign undoubtedly is an essential activity for helping them and their business to improve in every aspect of their online marketing efforts. After all it is through audits that a business person will be capable of identifying weak points as well as key opportunity areas and at the same time ensuring that their strategies and activities are in line always with their final objective in mind—conversion.

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