The Complete PPC Account Audit Guide and Checklist

20 May

The right account as well as campaign set-up indeed is critically vital for ensuring utmost Pay Per Click (PPC) results. The best way  an online business owner can maximize his PPC ROI and eliminate erroneous clicks is through a comprehensive PPC Audit.

Are you aware as to who needs a PPC Audit?

In the true sense almost every business can reap the perks from a PPC (pay per click) audit. Today there is no dearth in the availability of companies that offer professional help on PPC audit. They hold good years of experience in this domain and has helped countless companies with their PPC audits belonging to different industries ranging from roofers, realtors, property management companies, plumbers, kitchen remodeling companies, home improvement companies, clean energy, doctors, dentists and many others.

What can be reviewed under a PPC audit?

By now most homeowners already are aware that their PPC campaigns require help yet do not possess the experience/time to go through thoroughly each and every aspect that requires being altered. The PPC audit carried out by professionals will help in analyzing a business owner’s big picture goal, coupled with the very tiny details which only a compulsive or obsessive geek can find. They will detail precisely what amends are required to be carried out and prioritize what must be performed first. Below are the areas that can be reviewed under a PPC audit. These include:

  • Account set-up
  • Ad groups
  • Campaign settings
  • Keywords
  • Ads
  • Extensions
  • Match types
  • Networks
  • Landing pages
  • Day parting


How to audit a PPC account?

Auditing one’s PPC account has indeed been an essential step to guarantee campaign success. As opposed to what other people say, this technique has been rarely overwhelming. One just requires having a sequence of steps or an outline for assessment for having a powerful PPC account.

    • Utilize the search team report for ensuring that the key phrases or keywords are retrieving pertinent terms. Search for long tail keywords.


    • Double checking the targeting setup of locations is a must. It is a typical problem for most pay per click accounts with simple solutions. Simply commence the campaign settings, tap those in the targeted location to clear traffic that one does not require.


    • Help to enhance the description line. Place a period towards the end of an ad messages first line for displaying a bigger headline when reflected in the initial 3 positions in different search engine sites. Besides, if one can include a product feature or benefit in the opening line it will help them in attracting their target market’s attention.


    • Use ad extensions. The advertising extensions indeed are fast turning into a vital tool for ensuring a PPC campaign’s success. Click on any of these extensions- review, social, location, call or site links.


    • It is good to practice keywords grouping. Always ensure that the key phrases and the keywords in the account indeed are clustered under appropriate ad groups. In fact grouping keywords will also help to boost up the rate of clicks if the advertisement is well written.


      • Lastly assessing the geographic report is crucial. If the PPC account is optimized with an aim for broader reach than ensure in reviewing the campaign’s geographical performance through the geographic report. Through this means one can pinpoint which area they require in allotting a higher bid for generating more sales. A proper PPC account audit will help one to save both money and time. Most importantly the assessment must be carried out on a frequent basis.


No PPC account in the real sense is perfect, irrespective of how hard one works to optimize it as per the finest practices they are likely to miss something. Here lies the reason why it is crucial to pay attention to regular audits. A PPC audit can be practiced at any time, but it is good to avoid audits post a current strategy amends or account update, merely so one is not auditing resting on skewed results. Yes, it is an excellent idea in auditing if one is experiencing performance issues as well as equally this may be an excellent idea of conducting should the same team or person has been handling the account for a long time. The audit should concentrate on the aforementioned fundamental areas. The analysis’ depth rests on the account size like the total campaigns, keyword ads, ad groups amid others. The higher the account naturally the less comprehensive the audit will be. To carry out an audit on a pay per click account will help in identifying the leading trending phrases and keywords that associate to the business type, keeping one a step ahead of the competition and finally attracting maximum visitors to their site.


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