The Complete Social Media Strategy Audit Guide and Checklist

07 Jun

This is the age of social media. Today, simply having a website is not sufficient. One’s digital storefront expands to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook so it is high time to begin capitalizing on it. For business owners who have not yet opened an account on leading social media networking sites should begin right away while those who have already indulged in it should make it a point to conduct a complete social media strategy audit for best results. This audit will offer one more actionable and valuable information and help them assess the victory of their daily activities. Hence it will enable them in setting future goals and planning future strategies.

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A Brief On Social Media Audit

Social media audit in simple terms is an assessment of an organization or a person’s social media presence which will aid them to ensure that they are receiving maximum return on investment.

How to do a social media audit?

Below are 8 steps through which social media audit can be conducted,

  • Keep a track of the current objectives – When it comes to social media strategy, having a clearly defined objective is important. A business owners need to figure out what exactly they wish to attain- brand awareness, customer care, sales or engagement.


  • How effective one is in attaining their current objectives? – Through gap analysis people can evaluate current activities. No matter one’s initial objective have created brand awareness, engaging or selling they should attain it. Here numbers play a crucial role. One can evaluate the qualitative and quantitative outcomes of their activities via analyzing their metrics and calculating their ROI.


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  • Who is the target audience – Creating an in-depth analysis of one’s audience and learning things such as location, lifestyle, income, profession, gender and age is essential. With the help of this data one can tailor their messages and also successfully target different segments. A business owner should ensure not to target people in random, but those that shows interest in what they have to say.


  • Examine the sentiment about one’s presence – A business owner should keep a track of how their audience reacts to their present activities. Do they have a complaining nature or they often say thank you. It is important to analyze what people like and vice versa in order to find out about what and how to improve. Most importantly sentiment must be in the business owner’s favor and they should be capable of managing the conversation.


  • What are one’s messages? – During social media audit it is extremely vital to define clearly what messages a business owner is putting and how relevant or general it is to their image, brand and their communication strategy overall. Besides, he must define clearly the message tone if it is being utilized on every platform properly in which they have a presence.


  • How successful one is in engaging with their audience? – The business owner should define their conversion action and also measure their audience conversion rate. Resting on their strategy they should be aware regarding its impact. Conversions obviously must match or even exceed objectives and good conversion rate indicates good engagement that results to more sales and loyalty.


  • How successfully is one amplifying their messages? – The paid social amplification indeed is a fantastic means to get their message out there and to the largest number of people. This will also offer one excellent measurement statistics for looking at and analyzing, particularly if they are A/B testing when it comes to their messages. In fact how well one amplifies their message will tell them how good their messages are as they are directly pushing them to the audience which counts for them—fully targeted. And if one does not attain a satisfactory outcome from amplification they will require rethinking their messages. Hence, if one desires in obtaining an all-inclusive view of their social media at the time of the audit, they should ensure to check their success in this department.


  • Check what one’s competition does – A business owner may think that they have got it right and also are doing this far better compared to their competitors. They may have sufficient followers on Twitter or ample likes of Facebook, but may be their competitors are likely to receive a better return on investment via higher engagement rates. In fact, one needs to watch their competition and also take note. They can track their competitors with the different analytics tools without breaking the bank. At the time of a social media audit indeed it is an excellent means to stack up one’s own presence compared to their competitors to see how they compare.


With the help of these steps a business owner will be in a good position for correcting errors and creating a more convincing, realistic and successful strategy for social media.

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