Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

A computer generated recreation of a three dimensional picture or environment that can be communicated with in an apparently genuine or physical path by a man utilizing exceptional electronic hardware.


Virtual Reality technology or VR technology has the assurance of influencing you to feel present in an environment somewhere else, some other time, or to have a view that you couldn’t have. Beyond Gaming, different employments of virtual reality are entertainment, medicinal services, space museums, automobiles, manufacturing, contemplation and emotional well-being.

By what methods can Virtual Reality Help You?

Virtual reality is an important pragmatic technology that has tremendous incentive in many fields and has been utilized for a considerable length of time by specialists, modellers, engineers, researchers, and so on. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of essential uses of virtual reality

Worldwide brands like Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, New York Times and so forth utilize virtual reality to give clients a novel virtual introduction of their products.

We provide VR services for the below mentioned industry verticals.

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Real Estate

360° land virtual visits can help potential purchasers/tenants to see properties paying little heed to whether they are assembled or under development.

Architects and Interior Designers

Virtual reality technology assists with venture representation, enabling modellers and inside originators to spare time and exertion.


Virtual reality can be utilized to create instructive recordings and 360° virtual voyages through industrial spaces, distinctive biological systems, urban areas, research centres, manufacturing plants, heritage sites, and so on.

Industries and Manufacturing

Virtual reality can be utilized to create 360° virtual voyages through manufacturing or assembly plants, and to show and clarify different
procedures and items to customers.


Governments, tourism divisions, private visit administrators and travel gateways can utilize 360° virtual tour through traveller goals, landmarks, heritage destinations, sanctuaries, and so forth.


Hotels, resorts, clubs and travel gateways can utilize virtual reality to create 360° virtual visits exhibiting every one of the facilities advertised.

Digikonn and Virtual Reality

Digikonn is an expert of offshore virtual reality production in India. Regardless of whether you are a small, moderate size or expansive business or an IT counselling organization, our Virtual Reality agency can give a determination of qualified programming advancement and testing assets for your ideas.

We are one of the best Virtual Reality Company in market and have fabricated a vast ability pool covering all standard innovations,

If Virtual Reality fascinates you and you want to get your virtual reality app or game idea developed, please get in touch.

Offshore Software Development

Digikonn has broad involvement in giving savvy virtual reality arrangements, and represents considerable authority in Virtual Reality, 3D Immersive Experiences, 3D Training Simulations, Virtual Worlds and Immersive Technologies. With digikonn’s custom fitted arrangements you can rest guaranteed you are with the best as our colleagues are not just all around experienced and gifted in the technology of virtual reality, yet in addition ensure that they are refreshed in regards to the most recent advances and developing advances.

Along these lines, our customers can profit by the most recent procedures and apparatuses to pick up an upper hand and progress toward becoming pioneers in their fields.

Our team is resolved to enable you to meet your objectives while remaining cost-effective; accordingly utilizing virtual reality to make your vision a ‘genuine reality’!